Collar Grab

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A dog’s collar is a great safety device. In case of emergencies you can grab it to prevent a dog from either attacking or running away. Most dogs however don’t like it if you suddenly grab their collars and would get a big fright. Some dogs might even turn around and respond with a quick bite to an arm or hand. It is therefore a good idea to condition a dog to a person grabbing his collar. We must let the dog make a good positive association with it and a person grabbing the dog by the collar must mean something good is about to happen. We therefore pair a person grabbing a collar with food. We pay so to speak the dog for allowing us to take him by the collar. By doing so he creates a good or even great association with it and in emergency situations it will be much less likely the he will respond with a bite. This short video is about conditioning a dog to a person grabbing his collar.


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George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
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