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What to expect when adopting a dog “online”

This post I am writing with a heavy heart and it is going to annoy a few people I am sure. This is about adopting dogs online, from rescue centers or even from private individuals. This week I saw two dogs who were ordered “online”. In the first case, a couple adopted a dog online to replace a dog who died. In the second case somebody adopted a dog online as companion. In one case it ended up in tears and heartache and in the other case it is quickly moving in the same direction. So what went wrong?

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What is Socialization? Puppy Health.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is creating purposeful, positive experiences for your puppy, to prepare him for life in the human world. For the first few months of his live, a puppy will go through a developmental phase known as the critical socialization window. During this period, puppies learn about the word around them, and are usually curious and resilient. This is the time brain development happens very rapidly and all experiences (negative and positive) will be remembered.

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Puppy Blues!!!

My puppy is destroying the house, what should I do????

Raising a puppy can be the best experience you can possibly have, or a bit of a nightmare. Most puppies are like little energizer bunnies, and they need to be taught in a way that they understand what is allowed and what not. Good habits gets learned very quickly but unfortunately, just like human kids, bad habits also gets learned quickly.

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Force free science based behavior modification and training

Eden K9 Abilties

George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
Practitioner Member CAPBT International
Garden Route, South Africa