Puppy Class November / December 2020

Luka at 4 months of age, Irish Wolfhound

Roger a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pepsi the black Labrador

Abby Golden Retriever

Jingles the Spaniel

Shamim stunning mix breed

Pepsi sitting in the water

Roger doing well at class

Pepsi on a recall

Roger starting to like water

Pepsi relaxing after class

Quinn Australian Shepherd, puppy 1 class

Yala German Shepherd, puppy 1 class

Pepsi, Labrador, puppy 1

Lucca, Australian Shepherd, puppy 1 class

Play time with Yala and Quinn

Luca, puppy 2 class

Quinn, puppy 1 class

Lucca, puppy 1 class

Buri, Giant Schnauzer, puppy 1 class

Orea, Biewer Terrier, puppy 1 class

Yala, puppy 1 class

Luca, puppy 2 class

Yala, puppy 1 class

Pepsi, puppy 1 class

Dozer, puppy 2 class

Frankie, Border Collie, puppy 2 class

Yala, puppy 1 class


Force free science based behavior modification and training

Eden K9 Abilties

George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
Practitioner Member CAPBT International
Garden Route, South Africa


Petra du Toit (CPDT-KA)
SABCAP Companion Animal Behaviorist (AB/013)
SABCAP Dog Training Professional (DT/015)