Puppy Class Information Sheet and Application

Please read the following information BEFORE classes start. It contains important information on what to expect during training and what to be prepared for. Our aim is to help you train your dog to be a pleasurable asset to your family by protecting, trusting and loving you. You have made a responsible decision to learn to understand your dog, and you can be sure that you will reap the benefits as you are on your way to training a happy and obedient dog that will be an asset to your family!

Venue:    To be announced

Times of classes: Puppy Socialization Saturday mornings 10:00 to 11:00 (puppies under 14 weeks and a maximum of 6 puppies in a single class)
Private lessons by request only

If for any reason you are unable to attend a class you have booked for please call the trainer for an alternate time slot.

Owners: It is important to be comfortable at all times. Wear flat closed shoes for your comfort and for your dog’s safety. Wear something with many pockets or otherwise a carryon bag to put all those treats in! Remember, training involves a lot of bending over.

What to bring: One of your most important tools! Keep treats small and make sure they are tasty. I suggest something your dog doesn’t get on a daily basis – something they would regard as “gourmet.” Chopped chicken, beef, sausage or cubed cheese are good options. Please bring enough for an entire lesson and keep them mixed up to increase the element of surprise.

Do’s and Don’ts

DON’T bring your dog to class just after he has had a meal. Give him about 2 hours without eating before class so he can work up an appetite.
If your dog is over-hungry, an approach regarding meals will be discussed with you privately.

DON’T bring a bitch in season to class (if applicable i.e. not applicable in puppy class); nobody will be able to concentrate!

DON’T bring your dog to class if he is ill – phone the instructor before class to cancel.

DO train or play with your dog in-between classes – it has been proven that many short training sessions go a longer way than single long sessions. Playing and training will also improve your relationship with your dog.

DO encourage your family to join in the classes and in training at home, it will be fun for both them and your dog!


  • Please ensure that your puppy has his/her collar on at all times.
  • Puppies must be on lead all the time unless otherwise instructed!
  • All owners to be responsible for cleaning up after puppy should an accident happen.
  • Please bring your puppy’s favorite treats and toy with. You will need it in class.
  • No choke chains or prong collars or shock collars will be allowed. We use positive scientific training methods only.
  • Children are welcome but must be under supervision from a guardian.


I look forward to meeting you and your dog at your first class!

Please remember to bring a bag to clean up after possible mishaps.


Force free science based behavior modification and training

Eden K9 Abilties

George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
Practitioner Member CAPBT International
Garden Route, South Africa


Petra du Toit (CPDT-KA)
SABCAP Companion Animal Behaviorist (AB/013)
SABCAP Dog Training Professional (DT/015)