Puppy Socialization


Puppy school is a time and place where puppies and owners are educated. The aim is to produce a well-adjusted, socially acceptable, adult companion animal. All exercises are taught as fun games and learning methods are reward-based, using the concept of positive reinforcement!

      What we cover in class:

  • The principles of positive reinforcement learning.
  • Natural bite inhibition.
  • Leash skills – how to get your pup to walk on a loose leash.
  • Confidence-building exercises (including tactile desensitisation) to produce a well-adjusted pup.
  • Inter-canine social skills.
  • Teaching your pup to reliably “come” when she is called.
  • Handling and examination skills.
  • Basic canine communication and behaviour.
  • Puppy stages of behavioural development.
  • Basic obedience exercises (sit, down, stand, recall, fetch, leave, wait, etc.).
  • Teaching your pup to concentrate.
  • Teaching the pup not to run away with your valuable possessions.
  • Basic puppy behaviour problem solving.
  • Basic puppy and dog care.
  • An accompanying in-depth homework CD is provided for all new students.

Venue to be announced. Handlers are expected to be prompt and to be at the grounds 10 minutes before class. They are also expected to clean up after their pups, i.e. to “scoop the poop”.


Do not feed your pup a full meal prior to class, as food is used as a motivator/training tool.  Pups with a full tummy tend to sleep through the entire class – This not conducive to learning! This is why class is held early in the morning. The missed meal is be made up when you get home.

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS (Please wear old clothes!)

  • A hungry pup restrained on a light, flat collar (or harness) and soft leash.
  • Soft yummy dog treats.
  • A shallow water dish.
  • Dog brush and vitamin tablets – for pill taking & grooming practice.
  • Toys for playtime.
  • A large sense of humor, and a willingness to learn new things.

Classes are held under the direct supervision of one of our animal behaviour consultants, and our experienced, understanding instructors.  All exercises are performed individually and gentle methods are found to suit each individual puppy and handler.”

For more information send us a message:  george@edenk9abilities.com

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George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
Practitioner Member CAPBT International
Garden Route, South Africa


Petra du Toit (CPDT-KA)
SABCAP Companion Animal Behaviorist (AB/013)
SABCAP Dog Training Professional (DT/015)