Eden K9 Abilities T’s & C’s

You hereby agree to the following terms and conditions on a contractual and legally binding basis:-

  1. To pay a monthly fee as stated in your contract.
  2. To ensure that monthly payments are paid monthly in advance on or before the 2nd of the each month.
  3. You understand that failure to comply with the payment date stipulated in clause 2 will result in a late payment penalty of R60.00 being charged and such fee being added to your account.
  4. Accounts will be supplied by Eden K9 Abilities via e-mail or hand by the last day for each month
  5. The monthly fee is payable every month of the year, including December, despite Eden K9 Abilities closing for annual leave and the festive season.
  6. To inform the instructor if a lesson cannot be attended.
  7. You accept that lessons missed due to your fault or cancellation will be forfeited and cannot be caught up unless and on extreme circumstances, alternative arrangements are made with Eden K9 Abilities. The possibility will be fully at the discretion of Eden K9 Abilities.
  8. You cannot hold Eden K9 Abilities liable for any cancellation of lessons due to circumstances beyond the control of Eden K9 Abilities which include, inter alia, vis maior, lightning or storms or any unsafe weather conditions, etc.
  9. You further accept that, with the exception of December, should lessons be cancelled by Eden K9 Abilities for a period exceeding half a month, Eden K9 Abilities agrees to reduce the monthly fee referred to in clause 1 by 50% to accommodate for some lost lessons, subject to clause 3. Therefore if the monthly payment had been late and had incurred a R60.00 penalty then no 50% allowable reduction can be claimed by you.
  10. If the cancellation due to a vis maior is less than half the month no reduction of fees is claimable by you and you remain liable for the entire month.
  11. You accept that should lessons be cancelled due to the ‘fault’ of Eden K9 Abilities, such fault as, inter alia, an instructor being sick and no replacement instructor being available, Eden K9 Abilities under takes to make up such classes to the maximum of 2 classes per month.
  12. You agree to give 1 full months notice for cancellation of this agreement and further accept that you are still liable for such months fee’s regardless  of whether lessons are attended or not.
  13. You confirm that you enter Eden K9 Abilities premises at your own risk and should any injury occur to yourself, any third party with you or to your animal, you have no recourse against Eden K9 Abilities or anyone employed by Eden K9 Abilities.
  14. You confirm that if you or you animal gets injured in any way while on the premises of Eden K9 Abilities, you will not involve Eden K9 Abilities or any of their staff in any dispute or claim you may have against the wrong doer.
  15. You confirm that if any person disputes an issue with yourself or attempts to claim from you in anyway for any incident that occurred on the premises of Eden K9 Abilities, you shall not involve Eden K9 Abilities or any of their staff in such dispute or action.
  16. You confirm that you have disclosed to Eden K9 Abilities any unusual, abnormal or excessive behaviour of your animal that could be of concern.
  17. You confirm that your animal is fully vaccinated and that you will maintain annual vaccinations. 
  18. You undertake to inform the instructor if your animal may be carrying an infectious disease, or fall ill after a lesson.
  19. You will inform the instructor of any emotional or lifestyle changes your animal may be experiencing.
  20. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in a breach of contract which could result in termination of this contract with or without notice and without a refund for the unused lessons for the remainder of the month.
  21. You accept that any fees outstanding for longer than 30 days will, in addition to clause 3, incur interest at a rate of 14% per annum from date upon which the fee was due until date of final payment.
  22. Should Eden K9 Abilities need to claim any outstanding fees and should Eden K9 Abilities choose to instruct an attorney in this regard, you accept that you will be liable for such costs incurred on an attorney and own client scale and further that you will be liable for interest thereon and collection commission due to the attorney.

Force free science based behavior modification and training

Eden K9 Abilties

George van Huyssteen (DipCABT)
Practitioner Member CAPBT International
Garden Route, South Africa


Petra du Toit (CPDT-KA)
SABCAP Companion Animal Behaviorist (AB/013)
SABCAP Dog Training Professional (DT/015)