The Absolute Truth about the Pit Bull Breed by Lins Rautenbach of PBFSA.

Over the last year I have sat and watched the ramblings of pit bull owners from all sides and my heart breaks. This breed is in trouble. And it is the actions of pit bull owners from all sides who are the problem.
A child gets mauled and everyone is up in arms. Blame the child! that stupid stupid mantra punish the deed not the breed. Insults fly, misinformation is spread, fur mommy nanny doggers rant, others owners swear and carry on aggressively and all that you are doing is damaging the breeds reputation even more. You are not advocating you are damaging. And so…

Pit Bulls are mauling people, they are escaping and killing other animals. Children are being killed. However the fault does not sit with the breed, its genetics, its propensity for dog aggression. The problem is THE HUMAN ELEMENT.

If you are supporting the backyard breeding of these dogs.. It needs to be said YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are calling your unregistered dog a purebred American pit bull terrier YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are supporting the so called registered breeder who cannot show you anything but papers YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Temperament is over 60% inherited. That means your puppy is born with a set of genes which will determine everything about him or her. You cannot remove a faulty temperament just like you cannot grow a leg missing at birth. Backyard breeders and the 99% who just have puppies have no understanding of genetics they cannot tell you about the parents or grandparents or great grandparents temperaments or health. Their dogs have not been judged against the breed standard, the very blueprint of the perfect American Pit Bull Terrier. Those who breed with unregistered dogs cannot prove that their dogs are even pure APBT. IF YOU ARE SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE AND TAKING THESE RISKS YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are the breeder, who is breeding for the sake of breeding. Be it with unregistered dogs or dogs with papers who’s lines you don’t know, who’s history you don’t know or with no true goal plan to preserve the true APBT. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! If you are the breeder who did not have screened lined up homes before you did a breeding. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the breeder who talks your dogs big to make the sale. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the breeder who only cares about the sale.. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the breeder who does not take your own breeding back when their home cannot keep them.. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU BROUGHT EVERY PUPPY HERE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THE SAFETY OF EACH PUP.

If you are spreading false information like THE NANNY DOG, ITS HOW YOU RAISE THEM, YOU CAN SOCIALIZE THE DOG AGGRESSION AWAY. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you place your dog and other animals at risk with things like play dates, off leash walking and warm and fuzzy sentiment! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. I am not saying be hard on these dogs, god no. They respond so well to a gentle hand, positive reinforcement, humane kind training and a soft owner. BUT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF CAUSING SERIOUS DAMAGE TO BOTH HUMAN AND ANIMAL. Human aggression is a no no in the breed. But every dog has its limits. IF YOU ARE ALLOWING YOUR KIDS TO SIT ON THESE DOGS, TEASE THEM, HARASS THEM AND DOWNRIGHT PISS THEM OFF YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are the owner who knows everything ( well everything about nothing), who will not listen to a behaviorist, a vet, an experienced owner. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the owner who has the biggest mouth on social media YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the group admin who allows the abuse of professionals, new comers and the media YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you refuse to attend breed seminars, behavior seminars, or learn from legit old hands YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are the owner who allows your pit to escape and cause chaos YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the person publicly slaughtering an owner doing their best to safely contain their pit bull YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You own a breed of dog capable of causing damage. KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE. If you are the owner who is not taking your dog to a reputable force free trainer. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are that owner who thinks it is very impressive to have an overly aggressive pit bull YOU my friend ARE THE PROBLEM. If you think it is impressive to have your pit bull dragging you down the road.. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are the rescuer, taking stupid risks on the dog who has already got human bites behind its name, thinking you can undo the past, and that the Ian Dunbar bite scale is a lie, or every dog deserves a chance YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are the well meaning rescuer who pushes every tom dick n harry to adopt a pit because they are the breed for everyone YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are the dog trainer using abusive, aversive punitive methods on a pit bull YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! IF you think that abusing these dogs in the name of training is the way to go YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has not changed, the type of owner who has them has changed. These dogs do not need to become extinct, we do not need to lose the true American pit bull for a watered down version. WE NEED THE PROBLEMS ( THE WRONG PEOPLE) TO STOP. The PROBLEMS arm the media, they create the perfect storm and are to blame for these accidents.

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  • My Pitbull is 2 years. She is very active but loving. Our everday walk to the sportsfield she enjoys mixing with other dogs to play with. I noticed she will stop playing if a newcomer is aproching. Went for a short walk today, at the playground I asked the owner if it’s ok to let them play. The played , but the was a bother dog further playing with a ball. As usual My dog went to investigate but suddenly she attacked the other dog.she dit not lissen, I rushed and tried to help to let her got of the other doggy. In vain I tried cold not get her off. By interfering she bit me on my arm. Only later she reliesed her grip. We brougth her home we tried to find the other owner and called the vet. Or dog is very resentful very quiet outside , she would normally bark or moan to come inside or bark at othe dogs go past. What shall we do , I have been very very upset

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